Certified In Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Social Engineering

Foot printing and Recon

Scanning systems & Network


System hacking

Malware Threats

Denial of Service

Session Hijacking

Hacking Web Servers & Web Applications


Do’s & SQL Injection

Hacking Wireless Network

Firewall, IDS & Honeypot


Hacking Mobile Platform

Cloud Computing

How to Grab Freelancing Projects

And Many More...

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Advance Diploma In Cyber Security (ADCS)

1. MS-Office & Internet ( Computing Techniques)

2. Certificate Course of Computer Concepts (CCC)

3. Networking

4. Cyber Crime

5. Security + - All About CEH Modules

6. Penetration Testing

7. Forensic…

8. Soft Skills (Personality Development, English Speaking, CRM etc.)

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Best Institute For Cyber Crime & Ethical Hacking Courses in Virar Vasai Nallasopara